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Bart Quartier 
vibraphone and marimba

CONCERT PROGRAM  (20u15 - 21u15)

Impresiones intimas - Federico Mompou

from DIALOGUE 12 variations for Marimba - Bart Quartier

10. Strokes

5. Patterns

7. Waltz

from FOCUS 24 Images for Vibraphone - Bart Quartier

08. Dialogue

18. Breathe

09. Light

20. Patience

19. Taste

Blue in green - Miles Davis

Buenas Noches - Bart Quartier

from MOVE 12 Grooves for Marimba - Bart Quartier



with Adilia Yip (balaphone) & Bart Van Aken (djembe)

Workshop ‘IMAGINE’  (14u15 - 15u15)

A mental approach to marimba playing

Young people will be invited on the scene to play

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