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Percussie Festival

Creativity, diversity and interdisciplinary are the three important pillars of KLINKEN. The main goals of KLINKEN are to connect musicians in the local/national/international scenes, to elevate the quality and diversity of percussion performance in Antwerp, and to promote percussion music to the general public.

With an open character, KLINKEN aims at attracting a broad audience group, interesting activities for adult, children or teenager music lovers, as well as professional, student or amateur percussionists. The festival offer everybody a diverse and interactive percussion program that combine artistic qualities, entertainment and educational purposes.

About the organizer
[[ The Bracket Percussion vzw ]]

The Bracket Percussion is an international percussion group formed by Adilia Yip (Hong Kong/ Belgium), Ricardo Lievano Flores and Juan Carlos Bonifaz (Mexico/Belgium), graduates of the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp since 2010. Full of creative synergy, cultural diversity and artistic versatility, the Brackets have become an interdisciplinary artistic platform that connects different musical cultures and art forms. We merge Western classical percussion music with Latin American, African and Asian traditions, as well as fusions between music and theatre, visual, literature and installation art. Our past performances include: the Festival of Spring-Cultures of China-Bozar Brussels, Sfinks Mixed Festival (two editions), De Grote Post Oostende, MAS Museum Antwerp-China Festival, Folklorissimo-festival of folklore music-Grote Markt Brussels, Landjuweel Festival Gent, De Centrale Gent, Permeke Bibliotheek Antwerp, De Boze Wolf-puppet theatre festival, Mundana Latin America Cultuurcentrum, Bleek Kunstcentrum and SGEM Conference Vienna, among others.

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